4 Partners from 3 Countries

Turkey, Austria, Romania

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3 Intellectual Outputs

Open Online Courses(OOC), Open Educational Resources(OER), Online Teacher Community(OTC)

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4 Multiplier Events

Workshops, Seminars

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Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Strategic Partnerships for School Education

The main aim of the project is to provide Math teachers professional development to integrate ICT into their lessons.  To achieve this, three intellectual outputs have been designed; open online course (OOC), open educational resources (OER), and online teacher community (OTC).

The OOC, which will be lead by HU, will be grounded on three modules.

Module 1 – ICT use in learning and teaching.

Module 2 – Using GeoGebra.

Module 3 – Educational material development in GeoGebra.

Hacettepe University (HU) Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology will prepare Module 1 by using their expertise in ICT integration.

Module 2 will be developed by GeoGebra Institute of Botosani (AIGB) whose one of the aims is to provide the professional development opportunities in line with GeoGebra. On Module 2 teachers will learn to use GeoGebra, which is a free dynamic Mathematics software.

Module 3 will be developed by Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) Department of Mathematics Education. On Module 3 teachers will learn how to develop educational materials for the students by using GeoGebra. Furthermore teachers will take feedbacks about their materials from both researchers and their peer teachers on this module. At the end of the OOC, educational materials that will be designed by the teachers will then be changed into OER by revisions of JKU and AIGB.

Teachers who will attend OOC will be lead to OTC with new comers. On this community, teachers will share and exchange their respective teaching experiences, GeoGebra materials, and ICT-based lesson plans which they will develop with the help of the trainings.

290 teachers will participate four different workshops or seminar which will take place under the title of multiplier events. These workshops will be about Learning and Teaching Mathematics with technology. In brief enhancing digital integration in learning and teaching will be the core idea of the project. Math teachers will learn ICT based teaching as well as gaining experiences in a course which has innovative methods and technology-rich environment.

All the outputs will maintain online during the life of the project and after the completion.

Project Fund: 188670 €

Project Duration: 2 year

Project Number: 2015-1-TR01-KA201-021561